The Wine Market Journal is the wine industry's most comprehensive and trusted resource for wine auction trade values and market information. Since 1997, the Wine Market Journal has tracked every solid lot wine auction trade reported by all the major houses in Europe, Asia and the United States. The Wine Market Journal is also the only resource, online or in print, to track increasingly important Internet trades.

Powered by a database of over 1.9 million unique values, auction houses, major retailers, investors and serious collectors all use the Wine Market Journal's website, market indices and quarterly reports to inform their buy and sell decisions. The Wine Market Journal's relationships with all the major wine auction houses ensure that our data is reported in the timeliest fashion and with the utmost accuracy.

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David Parker, Owner- Formerly a computer and software designer and head of engineering, David began his professional wine career as the Owner of Parker Family Vineyards, a vineyard in the Alexander Valley. His thirst for something more lead him to found Brentwood Wine Company, the first weekly online auction house for fine wine, in 1998. In 2002, Benchmark Wine Group was established as a retailer, importer and distributor specializing in hard-to-find, collectible rare wines. Now he is CEO of First Growth Technologies including CellarPros, a service company focused on the needs of the serious wine collector and fine wine professional.

Peter Gibson, Editor- Fusing a vast knowledge of the world of wine with decades of IT experience, Peter's databases power the Wine Market Journal. Peter is also responsible for the indices, forecasts and custom analyses commissioned by the Wine Market Journal's top clients. He has served as the Editor of the Wine Market Journal since 2006.

Stephanie Jones- To assist with managing the overwhelming amount of Live and Internet wine auction trades Stephanie has successfully learned the language of fine wines along with our extensive database of over 1.7MM trades. We are pleased to have her on board and playing a pivotal role in maintaining the world's greatest resource for fine wine trades.