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  • WMJ Surpasses 1.9 Million Wine Auction Trades

    Sign up now to gain access to the world’s largest database of wine auction prices. Reporting over 1.9 Million trades across 200,000+ unique wines, the Wine Market Journal is the most complete and comprehensive wine auction price resource available.

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    Wine Market Journal indices enable the avid wine collector to analyze key trends in major market sectors. Using our extensive database, we’ve selected the market's most influential wines to power our ten strategic indices.

  • Appraise Your Wine Cellar

    Our newest feature allows Professional subscribers to discover the value of their cellar using the most up-to-date Wine Market Journal values. Simply export your list from CellarTracker and employ our vast database to view the current market value of your collection.

  • Receive Our Quarterly Wine Market Review

    Professional subscribers gain crucial insight into recent auction market dynamics. Serious collectors and wine industry professionals employ our analyses to make strategic and informed investment decisions.

  • Plan Ahead With Our Up-To-Date Auction Calendar

    Wine Market Journal subscribers have access to the most up-to-date wine auction calendar. Know where and when to plan your future buy and sell strategies worldwide.

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    Our advanced filtering options allow you to view prices sorted by time period, continent, auction house and more! Sign up now for free to test out the benefits of a Wine Market Journal Professional subscription.